Cucumber, Tahini & Coriander Gazpacho

Cucumber, Tahini & Coriander Gazpacho to be honest, wasn’t something I thought I would like as much as I did when I made it. It was a recipe as part of another project I am working on (will share soon, I promise!). I had only had cold soups a handful of times, and while I enjoyed them, I never thought it would be something I would voluntarily make more than once or twice.

How wrong was I.

I made this soup for the first time a few weeks ago. While the quantity it makes serves 4…I’m not embarrassed to admit that Mohamad and I DEVOURED the whole lot just us for dinner. In the heat we’re having here, it was the most refreshing edible we could have had. Not only that, but we were full afterwards. Not to mention the fact that it involves ZERO cooking.

I topped mine with cumin toasted chickpeas. Normally, I roast my chickpeas in the oven. But honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to switch the oven on and swelter over a handful of chickpeas. So I pan-fried them and they tasted incredible and super crunchy. They were the perfect extra crunch that the soup needed. Just a note on pan-frying chickpeas; I used dried chickpeas that had already been soaked overnight and boiled for an hour. I had let them dry out completely before frying them. You can of course use canned chickpeas just make sure to rinse them and let them dry (or use kitchen roll to dry them out) before frying them.

Please please try this gazpacho! Even if you were like me and not super thrilled at the thought of it…I promise you, you’ll be amazed! Let me know your thoughts xxx

Serving Suggestions:

A perfect appetizer before lunch or dinner. Or, as a light meal. Even better, as a canape for a finger food buffet. (yes it has gone to the top of my canapes menu list!)


Veggies Prepped

Blender Mixing

Chickpeas Before Roasting

Cucumber, Tahini & Coriander Gazpacho

Cucumber, Tahini & Coriander Gazpacho

A chilled, refreshing Cucumber Tahini & Coriander Gazpacho filled with fresh ingredients to cool you down. Topped with cumin toasted chickpeas for crunch.
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Soup
Cuisine Mediterranean
Servings 4
Calories 283 kcal


  • 3 medium cucumbers
  • cup Tahini (80ml)
  • 1 cup coriander (25g)
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • ½ cup basil (13g)
  • 4 ice cubes
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • ½ fresh squeezed lemon
  • tsp red pepper flakes
  • salt and pepper

For the Chickpeas:

  • ½ cup cooked chickpeas (100g)
  • 2 tsp ground cumin


  • Peel and chop the cucumbers. Roughly chop the coriander, basil and garlic.
  • In a small bowl, add the chickpeas and cumin with a little olive oil. In a frying pan, toast the chickpeas until crispy. Set aside to cool.
  • In a blender, add all the soup ingredients and blend until smooth.
  • Serve the soup with additional herbs as garnish and a spoonful of chickpeas.


Cucumber Tahini & Coriander Gazpacho Nutrition Label
Keyword appetizer, from scratch, healthy, light dinner, low-carb, summer, vegetarian

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