Lemon Mint Water Glasses

You’re probably wondering…why on earth freeze mint? Why go to the hassle of doing it? If you’re in Cyprus, we’re surrounded by the herb. To purchase it only costs 35 cents too. So yes, why bother?

Well, because for me, my little plant doesn’t produce enough mint for me to use. So I go out and buy a bunch. You can’t buy a few stalks….the bunch you get for your 35 cents is huge! And then I can’t come up with that many recipes in the four days you have until it all goes off in the fridge to use it all. But no longer….now I use what I need and freeze the rest. It takes a few minutes and it’s worth it. The best part about freezing mint this way, one of my favourite drinks (not the first time I’ve nattered on about it) is my blended lemon and mint drink. When I feel like a glass and don’t have fresh mint, I stick some mint-ice cubes in the blender, add the lemon juice etc and I’m good to go!

If you have a meal that requires mint, you simply take a mint ice-cube out of the freezer and stick it straight in the pan. Simple!

How to Freeze Mint, Step-by-Step:

Step 1: Wash the mint and drain

Wash the Mint

Step 2: Remove leaves from stems. Place in ice-cube trays. Press down as many as you want/can.

Add Mint Leaves to Ice-Cube Tray

Step 3: Fill the ice-cube tray up with water. Place in the freezer.

Adding the Water

Step 4: Remove from ice-cube tray and place in a freezer bag to save space in the freezer.

Frozen Mint Cubes


And that’s really it. Easy peasy! xx


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