Drinks Packages

We offer a complete selection of drinks packages that you can add-on to your catering menus. Whether you want only a selection of wines with dinner, or a full unlimited cocktail bar, I promise you’ll find something here. If not, contact us and we will create your own personalized package! Enjoy!

Included in Each Package: beverage waiters, glassware, refrigeration, bar ware, service table & cloths.

The Welcome
1-hour, unlimited drinks: €12 per person

A great way to create a comfortable environment for your guests to mingle. Get ‘em chatting with this add-on welcome package!

Beers (choose two)
Prosecco Cocktails (choose two)

P.S. Don’t forget to add on welcome canapes and nibbles. You don’t want your guests legless too early on!

Your Essentials
2-hours, unlimited drinks: €18 per person
€5 per person for every hour thereafter

Simple, affordable, and necessary!

Beers (choose three)
Wines (choose two wineries)
Soft Drinks

Dinner Essentials
Starting at €40 per table (contact us for an accurate quote)

Included (per table):

Two bottles of white wine
Two bottles of red wine
Two bottles of sparkling water
Two bottles of still water

Raise the Bar
2-hours, unlimited drinks: €28 per person
€5 per person for every hour thereafter

Beers (choose three)
Wines (choose two wineries)
(choose two)

Mixed Madness
2-hours, unlimited drinks: €25 per person
€5 per person for every hour thereafter

If you can’t decide, or want it all, this is the ultimate package for you. A mix of beers, wines, and spirits. Includes mixers for your spirits, also.

Beers (choose three)
Wines (choose two wineries)
Spirits (vodka, rum, tequila, gin, whisky, brandy, bourbon)
Soft Drinks
(Coke, 7-up, Tonic Water)

2-hours, unlimited drinks: €30 per person
€5 per person for every hour thereafter

Beautifully presented cocktails (choose six)

If you’re more comfortable with supplying your own beverages for your event but want us to do everything else, you can! We charge only a small fee which includes all cooling of your beverages, glassware, and bar service. Get in touch for a corkage fee quote.

Drinks Options

Please find here the list of drinks that we have available. Each package above states how many options you can select. Contact us if you have any questions!



  • Vodka – Russian Standard or Smirnoff
  • Rum – Bacardi
  • Tequila – Jose Cuero
  • Gin – Gordon’s London Dry
  • Whisky – Famous Grouse, Johnnie Walker Red Label, or J&B
  • Brandy – Keo VSOP
  • Bourbon – Jim Beam

Prosecco Cocktails

  • PP’s Signature – with pink grapefruit soda & pomegranate
  • Bellini – with peach schnapps
  • Mimosa – with orange juice
  • Rose-secco – with a drop of rose water


  • Keo
  • Leon
  • Carlsberg
  • Heineken
  • Corona
  • Guiness
  • Beck’s (non-alcoholic)


  • Somersby Apple
  • Strongbow
  • Rekorderlig Raspberry & Lime
  • Rekorderlig Pear


We work with two wineries (plus Mateus of course) in Cyprus that we personally adore and highly recommend. Of course, if you have another preference or request, just ask and we will do our best to accomodate!

Vasilikon Winery (Paphos):
Vasilikon dry white
Ayios Onoufrios red

Tsangarides Winery (Paphos):
Xinisteri white

Shiraz rose
Ayios Efrem red

Mateus sparkling white (Portugal)
Mateus sparkling rose (Portugal)


Long Island Iced Tea – Potent concoction of rum, tequila, vodka, gin, and triple sec finished with a sweet and sour mixture of cola and lemon juice. You’ve been warned!

Californication – Mixture of rum, vodka, tequila, and gin. Finished with orange liqueur, lemon juice and orange juice. Strong and yet sweet.

Pina Colada – A tropical, summery favourite! Rum, pineapple juice, and coconut milk.

Margarita – My personal favourite: tequila, triple sec, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Not forgetting the salt rimmed glass!

Mai Tai – Tropical, fruity & refreshing. Mix of light and dark rum, triple sec, fresh orange juice, and lime juice.

Mojito – The traditional Cuban highball and a combination of sweetness, citrus and mint. Consists of white rum, lime juice, soda water, and freshly grown mint.

Cosmopolitan – Tangy concoction of vodka, triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice.

Bloody Mary – The Canadian’s hangover cure! Vodka, tomato juice and a combination of spices including Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and celery.

Brandy Sour – Cyprus’ (un-official) national drink! A mix of brandy, bitters, soda water and lemon squash.

Old-Fashioned – The classic. Muddled sugar with bitters, whisky and egg whites.

Tequila Sunrise – Sweet and refreshing. Tequila, orange juice and grenadine. Which came first, the drink or the song?!

Sex on the Beach – Fun and fruity. Vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice.

Blue Lagoon – Warm weather favourite. Vodka, blue curacao, and lemonade.