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I’m really pleased to FINALLY be able to share a secret that I’ve been keeping for a few months now. To be honest, I’m a little embarrassed to admit just how long it has taken me to put my plan into action. It was one of my main ideas when I first wrote the business plan for Pink Peppercorn back in 2016. Then, it was put on the sidelines for quite a while.

How did it come about? Watching an episode of Shark Tank believe it or not!

Mohamad and I were watching an old episode in which Kevin O’Leary’s famous ‘Plated’ business was featured. This is an ingredient and recipe delivery company. We started bouncing ideas off each other and decided on this! Then it was a matter of doing our research, planning and fine tuning.

I can finally say, we are ready!

The concept for PP Meals Delivered comes from the fact that especially in Limassol, people are always talking about trying to eat healthier yet struggling with life’s commitments. Between work, chores and errands, gym, and a social life planning meals, prepping them, cooking and cleaning up just gets forgotten. Moreover, when Mohamad and I were working 9-5 jobs in Forex, it amazed us just how much time was spent discussing ‘what shall we order for lunch?’. It’s tough, it really is!

That’s why we’re here. With PP Meals Delivered, you’ll save time, save money AND eat healthy. We’ve created a few meal plans to choose from that range from breakfast, lunch and a snack to the complete breakfast,lunch,dinner and 2 snacks. All you have to do is select your favourites from the 70 options you’ll have to choose from and we’ll do the rest. Most importantly, we will deliver your meal plan in your own personal cool bag each and every day! For free.

Click here to view our shop and the meal plans we have available.

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This is the exact process here, nice and simple!:

How Does it Work?

It’s time to make food enjoyable again with NO planning, NO cooking, NO eating junk, NO cleaning up and NO stress.

Stay tuned Limassol! We’re coming to you, officially, September 2nd, 2019!

Much love,

Hadeel xx

P.S. If you can’t wait until September, send us a quick message and you’ll be able to join our secret few clients that have already started!

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